« - it doesn’t make any sense.

   - I know.

   - It raises all sorts of questions. I mean, why did she even bother lying […]?

   - And what did she do with the money?

   - That too. It’s troubling. I mean, come on, when a man lies…

   - Well, it’s meaningless.

   - Completely.

   -We’re genetically engineered to lie.

   - Absolutely.

   - It’s like breathing. In with the air, out with the lie.

   - It’s a timesaver when you think about it. Think of all the long conversations you’d have to have if you had to tell the truth. Lying gets rid of that. Gets rid of conflict.

   - High blood pressure.

   - Not to mention cholesterol. Many bad things disappear when you lie.

   - See, but when a woman lies…

   - I know.  »


"Rescue me", saison 1, épisode 12, "Leaving", 2004



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